DR.G.C.Hospital provides Arthroscopy which is a minimally invasive orthopaedic procedure carried out to understand the inner workings of a specific joint by a visual examination. The procedure is performed by an arthroscope, That not only provides a visual detailing, but is also capable of carrying repair and correction of the joint. The procedure begins with a small skin incision and this is performed by giving local, Spinal or general anaesthesia. During arthroscopy, Doctors take a piece of tissue for biopsy, Analyse the tissue and make necessary correction by performing the surgery. Disorders commonly found during arthroscopy include inflammation of the synovium lining the joint, Ligament, Tendon, or cartilage damage. Such conditions affect the person suffering with arthritis or a person with a history of joint injuries. All these conditions can be repaired or removed during arthroscopy. There is a very small risk of joint infection with this procedure. Most of the people do not need to stay overnight in the hospital as the time taken to recover from the surgery is quick.